One of the things that really excited me about getting into real estate was not just helping clients find their perfect home, but to build relationships that extend beyond closing day. I wanted to be a resource for all the things that make a house a home. To me, a home is so much more than just a structure, it is about enjoying time with our family and friends, holidays and celebrations.  Creating spaces in our homes makes us feel good and most importantly it builds lasting memories. I wanted to be your go-to-girl and share fun and easy tips, tricks and advice for your home and your life.

I will be starting a new segment called “Tip Tuesday” which will be a quick video or post with some neat things you can try. Because I am a mom with a crazy schedule, I know how hard it is to find free time, so I wanted my tips to be quick and easy, perfect for everyone’s busy lives.

For my first “Tip Tuesday” I am going to be tackling one of my biggest hang-ups: a dirty microwave! I am sharing with you a fast, easy and chemical-free way to clean up those dirty food splatters!

Bonus tip: When selling your home, never underestimate potential buyers – they WILL open up your microwave and take a peek, so don’t be caught red-sauce handed!

Happy microwave cleaning!

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